Invitation à la danse

Invitation à la danse

Invitation to the Dance (1956)

Crew :

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Casting :

Gene Kelly
Gene Kelly Host / Pierrot / The Marine / Sinbad
Igor Youskevitch
Igor Youskevitch The Lover / The Artist
Claire Sombert
Claire Sombert The Loved
Tamara Toumanova
Tamara Toumanova The Streetwalker
Diana Adams
Diana Adams Hat Check Girl
Tommy Rall
Tommy Rall Flashy Boyfriend
Belita The Femme Fatale
David Paltenghi
David Paltenghi The Husband
Daphne Dale
Daphne Dale The Wife
Claude Bessy
Claude Bessy The Model
Irving Davies
Irving Davies The Crooner in 'Ring Around the Rosy'
Carol Haney
Carol Haney Scheherazade
David Kasday
David Kasday The Genie / Little Sailor
André Previn
André Previn Composer at Piano
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